Wealth Platform Client Portal

Our Wealth Platform app will give you access to our market leading client portal. This client portal allows you to access your financial information securely, easily and conveniently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

As a client of Sandringham Financial Partners you will have the option to access this, secure, 24/7 portal on your mobile, tablet or PC. To obtain access to Wealth Platform please contact your Sandringham Financial Adviser.

If you are not already a client of Sandringham Financial Partners please contact us to find out how we can help you, our contact details are on the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

Please click on the video below for a short demonstration of the Wealth Platform Client Portal.

Within Wealth Platform you can see a summary of not only your own overall financial position but also details across various relationships such as your family or business relationships. You can view your individual assets and their performance over time, review key documents your adviser has shared with you, update any of your personal information and contact your adviser through our secure messaging system.

By accessing Wealth Platform you will be able to view a synopsis of your circumstances, using some of the information you gave to your adviser during the fact finding meeting, for example  your income and outgoings, and assets and liabilities, giving you easy to use cashflow summaries, allowing you to remain in complete control of your family budget. You will also be able to click on any one of a comprehensive list of icons to revisit the plans and policies you currently have in these areas. By sharing detailed information with your adviser during your initial advice meetings you can then have this information at your fingertips, allowing you to decide whether you need to contact your adviser to discuss your financial planning objectives.. You can choose to view all of the information in the way that best suits you.

In the ‘Library’ area you will find key documents that your Financial Adviser has stored here, this could be such as your last financial report or investment updates etc. Your Adviser will upload these documents and you will be able to view them and print them off Wealth Platform at any time.

You are able to update your information on Wealth Platform with the exception of your investment information, however if your circumstances change you should contact your adviser to discuss your planning needs.

The information supplied on your individual Wealth Platform portal is specific to your circumstances; however, at no time should the information shown be considered professional advice. The data, illustrations, analysis, graphs and other tools are for information purposes only. You should ALWAYS seek professional advice before making any financial decision.

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